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Traffic Jams, Congestion and City Driving: Our Tips

A long line of cars stopped in a traffic jam

The heavy traffic, constant traffic jams and general difficulty of getting around can make city driving a chore. Here are our top tips for driving in the busiest metro areas.

Traffic Jams

When you find yourself in a traffic jam, there’s no reason to get frustrated. Once you’re in this pattern, it’s likely not going to help you to try to erratically switch lanes, aggressively fight for a few car lengths or follow someone closely. Traffic jams are a pain, but you’re not making them any better by acting so antsy.

If you know an alternative route that isn’t as heavily populated, you could try to get off of the jammed road. However, this isn’t always an option. Your best bet in most traffic jams, frustratingly, is to simply calm down and accept that it’s going to be a minute before you get to your destination.

Take it Easy

What’s more important: getting to your destination quickly or getting there with your vehicle (and body!) intact? Certainly you agree that it’s not worth getting in a hurry if that means you’ll get into a car accident. This is why it’s so critical that you drive carefully, especially in heavy traffic.

It can be tempting to speed up  and zip between lanes to try to avoid other delays from the sheer number of cars. However, this is a surefire way to find yourself rear-ending someone who is trying to change lanes or pull onto the road.

Plan for Traffic

If you plan ahead accordingly, you might be able to avoid heavy traffic altogether. Some steps you could take include leaving for your destination earlier than usual to avoid the rush or even trying to scout out a less-trafficked route. In many cases, finding a quieter path to your destination, even if it is less direct, can save you time on your trip if it cuts out enough traffic

Likewise, check the weather report before you travel. If it’s likely to be raining, snowing or otherwise inclement, you’ll want to allow for more time to get to your destination. Heavy traffic becomes that much harder to navigate when you’re also contending with the weather!

DJ Swanson

DJ Swanson

D.J. Swanson never planned to be a writer. His first job was working in his family’s autobody shop, but after studying English and journalism in college, he decided not to join the family business.

Instead, D.J. realized that he could make a difference by helping people learn how to maintain their cars and drive safely in challenging conditions. He is proud to share his lifelong knowledge of cars and driving here at Daily Traffic Alerts.

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