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9 Tips to Keep in Mind When Taking a Long Road Trip

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Spring Break is happening soon, and what better way to spend time together as a family than to take a nice, long road trip? With people avoiding airline travel thanks to the recent coronavirus spread, a long road trip might be ideal if you’d rather not spend time cooped up at home.

As with any sort of travel, however, you should take the time to plan in advance to avoid any unforeseen incidents–such as making sure your cellphones are charged. Here are nine tips to get you started.

Bring Company and Stay Rested

There’s nothing worse than wanting to continue with your journey but you find yourself literally falling asleep at the wheel.

It is best to make sure that you’re well-rested for the journey ahead and that you have another adult along for the ride who can take over the steering wheel if needed.

Pack Water and Snacks

One way to save a lot of money while traveling is to prepare in advance and have plenty of snacks and water available. That way, if someone gets hungry along the way, you won’t have to schedule in an unplanned stop.

Save the food trips for when you need a chance to stretch your legs or use the restroom.

Don’t Wait to Fill Up on Gas

Even if you feel like you can “make it” without filling up, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you’re given the opportunity to fill up your gas tank at a rest stop, taking advantage of it.

You never know when you’ll get stuck in traffic or a long route with closed gas stations along the way.

Be Flexible

Everything might not go the way you planned, and that’s okay. Be flexible and enjoy what might come across your path–unless it’s some sort of wild animal or person, of course–but otherwise, loosen up and have fun. You’re on vacation, after all.

Set Your Playlist Ahead of Time

There is nothing more annoying to passengers than to sit and watch the driver look for new songs, swerving and swaying as they go. Just stop it. Have a little common sense and take the time to set up a playlist before your journey.

Better yet, set up several of them so you can have a little variety.

Don’t Overload Your Trunk

You might want to be prepared for just about any and every situation, but did you really need to bring a separate cooler for your dog? You also should avoid packing your car so heavily that you can’t even see out of the windows properly when driving.

Check Traffic and Weather Reports

The last thing you need to encounter while going on a long road trip is bad weather or bad traffic. A long trip should be enjoyable, and helping to prepare ahead of time can help ensure that your five-hour long road trip doesn’t turn into fifteen!

DJ Swanson

DJ Swanson

D.J. Swanson never planned to be a writer. His first job was working in his family’s autobody shop, but after studying English and journalism in college, he decided not to join the family business.

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