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How Experts Believe Travel Will Change After the Coronavirus Outbreak Is Over

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When the world once again reopens after the coronavirus pandemic is over, some experts believe that travel will change as a result.

It goes without saying that the travel industry has seen a lot of change already because of the virus, and it is likely to affect how we travel in the future.

Here is what the experts believe will be most likely to happen:

Air Travel Will Have a Slow Start With More Social Distancing

Travel will start to rebound in a staggered fashion as various cities respond to the coronavirus outbreak. Airlines may encourage social distancing by blocking middle seats, and they may limit the availability of premium cabins.

Flight attendants will also be better protected, wearing gloves and masks. They may also limit onboard service.

Travelers Will Focus More On Their Health and the Health of Others

Travelers will, of course, be more concerned about what they might be exposed to in regard to their health when traveling, so the travel choices they make will now differ as a result.

Apps like “Outbreaks Near Me” can be used by travelers so that they can take proper precautions before heading out to a new destination.

Not only that, but travelers will also need to take their own residence into consideration and if they could potentially expose others to the virus when they travel.

Cruise Lines Will Work Hard to Clean Up Their Image

Cruise lines are facing unprecedented challenges–and some experts warn that they won’t survive without a major overhaul. Passengers are afraid of getting quarantined aboard a ship with sick people.

This means that cruise lines will work harder to assure medical safety for their passengers. This will include more rigorous and visible hygienic standards, and making arrangements so that passengers will have the opportunity to disembark in the event of a contagious disease.

Great Deals Will Be Available if You’re Brave Enough

Airlines have been making an effort to continue sales, such as making it easier for travelers to change their plans and offering to extend their fee waivers.

Gary Leff, the founder of the loyalty blog View From the Wing, says:

“There are going to be great deals—both with miles and cash—for quite some time because there will be empty seats and empty rooms that need to be filled.”

“That will only last until good times return,” said Leff. “When travel demand comes back fully, award seats will become scarce and rooms will be expensive.”

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