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Auto Business Services Shift Gears Amid Pandemic

Thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the way auto business services operate have had to change in order to accommodate people’s safety.

For example, many business services are now offering things like face masks and hand sanitizer at their front desks in an effort to help everyone stay healthy and free from the coronavirus.

The business model has changed in many auto industries. For example, car dealerships are doing things like putting on seat covers before driving cars. They also have a disinfecting spray to put in the vents to help circulate the air in the car.

Even during things like auto maintenance, everyone stays as contact-free as possible. Customers are able to purchase cars over the internet or phone using a credit or debit card.

When they arrive to pick up their car, the keys are sitting inside waiting for them. No contact required. Other dealerships offer drop off services directly to the customer’s driveways.

Mary Newman