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Could a Dashcam Help Keep You Out of Legal Trouble?

Dash Cam

Dashcams aren’t just for police officers. If you’re concerned about someone trying to pull a fast one on you in traffic, you should invest in a dashcam.

If you’re commonly driving your car around in a city, you’re going to encounter hundreds of people every hour, thousands every day, and hundreds of thousands every week. Any of them could get into an accident with you.

A dashcam acts as a form of irrefutable evidence should you end up in a dispute with another driver. However, dash cams can do more than just protect you from insurance fraud and people’s poor memories. Just ask Avah, who shared her story on her Twitter account.

Avah’s Dash Cam Story

“thx to my nextbase 222, I was able to capture a towing company not only illegally towing me, but improperly taking pics and lying about the location of my car. They didn’t think I’d have proof!” Avah tweeted.

She later responded to Nextbase, the manufacturers of the dashcam brand she uses, saying “$300 is a lot, not just for a college student, and I was able to get it back! I feel a lot better knowing I have the nextbase in my car to catch things like this, even when I’m parked.”

So, in Avah’s case, she wasn’t even in her car when her dashcam saved her from some seriously unscrupulous tow truck drivers. It’s a good thing she thought ahead and had a dashcam installed, as this helped her avoid some serious headache.

Sadat Montgomery’s Advice

Sadat Montgomery, lawyer and founder of Montgomery Law, wrote up a very convincing statement on why dash cams are so important for modern drivers. In his own words:

“The first one that sticks out in my mind was a client of ours whose Tesla was sideswiped by another driver cutting across multiple lanes of traffic. The insurance company flat out denied liability based on statements from their insured driver, but we were able to download autopilot video directly from Tesla’s sever.

“Not only did the video show that our client never left his lane or altered his speed prior to the collision, but it also showed the other driver’s negligent driving (and the collision) from multiple angles. While that one’s not necessarily an example of a “dash” cam, it’s actually what convinced me to finally put one in my personal vehicle.

“We also recently had a client who rear-ended another vehicle that darted out from a side street. The collision totaled his car and left him with some pretty serious injuries. Luckily, he had it all captured on his new dashcam.

“While any other rear-end collision would probably have resulted in a denied claim—or a drawn-out battle for shared liability at best—once we provided a copy of the video to the insurance company, they accepted liability and offered to settle the claim for a fair amount shortly thereafter.”

Bottom Line

Dash cams are more affordable now than ever before, and they could prove to save you a good bit of money and hassle down the road. This is especially true if you drive in a very crowded area or are concerned about the threat of scammers trying to get the better of you.

We highly recommend getting a dashcam sooner rather than later. If you wait to get one until you’re in a situation where you would need it, you’re already too late.

DJ Swanson

DJ Swanson

D.J. Swanson never planned to be a writer. His first job was working in his family’s autobody shop, but after studying English and journalism in college, he decided not to join the family business.

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