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Is Trump Hurting the Auto Industry or Helping It?

Over several decades, the US auto industry has spread supply chains across North America. This includes vehicles and parts flowing back and forth across both the southern and northern borders.

When Trump was elected, the automobile industry made an effort to help Trump. Ford and GM, in particular, gave the president tweetable headlines and invested in US manufacturing.

They did this even as they shuttered factories and went to bat for the Trump Environmental Protection Agency. They did this as the Agency sought to roll back Obama-era regulations in vehicle fuel economy and emissions.

However, Trump isn’t very well-schooled in international business practices, including those in the auto industry.

This has led to other solutions, such as GM coming up with a face-saving way to sell an idled plant to a small manufacturer of electric delivery vehicles. This enabled Trump to tweet about how he helped GM save some jobs.

Recently, Trump said that “we’re watching the auto industry very much. We’re going to be helping them out at least a little bit…  so we’ll be taking care of the auto industry.”

Mary Newman