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11 Traffic Laws Most People Don’t Bother Following

Stop sign on the road in a remote, beautiful setting

Do you consider these traffic laws to be suggestions rather than important safety rules? You’re not alone. Who among us hasn’t gone over the speed limit?

Using a Turn Signal

This is a personal pet peeve–but it’s also a law that most people break every day. Any time you change lanes, you should use a signal. Get in the habit of doing it even if there are no other cars around.

Rolling Through Intersections

“I totally paused, officer!” Rolling through stop signs, even if you’re in a store parking lot or the middle of nowhere, is illegal. Come to a full stop, look both ways, and then continue if it’s safe.

Respecting the Left Lane

In a multi-lane road, the leftmost lane is for passing and the rightmost lane is for slow traffic. Don’t get it twisted–and don’t ride in the left lane for longer than it takes to pass.

Granting Right of Way

Pedestrians always have the right of way. Even if they’re jaywalking! The fact is that you’re in a giant armored vehicle while they are on foot. Just let them cross.

Turning Right on Red

Unless otherwise posted, you can turn right on a red light as long as it’s safe to do so. However, not all intersections allow turning on red. If the intersection is marked, it’s for a good reason, such as insufficient visibility for oncoming traffic. Don’t risk it.

Blocking the Intersection

If a sign says not to block the intersection, then do your best to avoid blocking it. This can be tricky since you can’t predict whether the cars in front of you will keep moving. Your best bet is to wait at the traffic light until there’s enough space ahead for your vehicle.

Wearing Headphones

Depending on where you live, it might be illegal to wear headphones while driving. Some states ban them entirely, while others permit you to wear one earbud so that you can still listen for sirens while driving.

Stopping at Train Tracks

In some states, you are supposed to treat active train tracks as though there’s a stop sign. However, almost no one does this. The only vehicle I’ve seen respect this law is a school bus.

Pulling a U-Turn

If you missed your turn or suddenly remember that you left something important at home, your best option may be a U-turn. However, if there’s a posted no-turn sign… that means you can’t turn there. You could get a ticket.

Ignoring School Zones

It makes sense to slow down near schools since kids may dart into the road without thinking. Sure, it’s annoying to put on the brakes and drop to 25 mph, but it’s for a good cause.

Texting While Driving

Smartphones are one of the biggest safety threats on the road. Distracting driving is incredibly risky for you and everyone else on the road. In many places, it’s also illegal.

Meritt Link