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Where to Find the Worst Drivers in America

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Every city likes to claim that their traffic is the worst in the country, as if it’s a badge of pride. But what about the worst drivers in America? Thanks to public records of crashes, DUIs, and other information, we have a good idea of where the best and worst drivers live.

Want to find out where your state ranks? Read on!

10. California

You might think of New York drivers as the worst, but they’ve got nothing on LA. California ranks poorly across the board in DUIs, uninsured drivers, and speeding tickets.

9. Montana

Montana drivers struggle to obey traffic rules, apparently. This state ranks high in vehicle fatalities as well. Drivers here are more likely to drive without a license as well.

8. Alaska

Alaska ranks on this list for one reason: DUI arrests. Drivers here are more likely to get in behind the wheel while drunk than almost anywhere else in the country.

7. New Mexico

Watch out if you get in a fender-bender here! New Mexico has a large percentage of uninsured drivers on the road. The state also claims a high number of fatalities.

6. Florida

Florida has the highest number of uninsured drivers in the country–even more than New Mexico. The state also ranks in the top ten for speeding tickets. Not a great combination!

5. Alabama

Alabama drivers deal with a disproportionate number of fatalities and injuries on the road each year. Maybe it’s because this state also ranks high for distracted driving.

4. Tennessee

Tennessee earns a place on this list for ranking poorly in a number of metrics. High numbers of uninsured drivers, DUIs, and roadway fatalities make this a risky state.

3. South Carolina

Why is South Carolina so high on this list? The state isn’t that notorious for DUIs, speeding tickets, or other big problems. But in 2019, South Carolina had the highest number of fatalities per 100 million miles driven, the standard metric for measuring road safety.

2. Nevada

Although drunk driving isn’t as much of an issue for this state, careless and distracted drivers abound. Nevada ranks particularly high for pedestrian and cyclist fatalities. It’s one of the most dangerous places in America to be a pedestrian. Motorcyclists are also more at risk here than many other states.

1. Mississippi

Sorry, Mississippi, but your drivers are truly the worst. In fact, you’ve been the worst for several years in a row. The combination of high fatality rates on the road and a low percentage of insured drivers is truly toxic.

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