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Can You Get Discounts on Car Insurance for Driving Well?

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If you’re the kind of person who drives carefully, avoids accidents, and takes precautions on the road, then you could be due for a car insurance discount. Of course, if you avoid getting into accidents, your car insurance will naturally be lower than if you were constantly crashing. But there’s more to saving money on your car insurance than just having lower rates due to making no claims.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can get discounts on your car insurance just for driving well.

Increase Your Deductible

You could opt to increase your own deductible and then pay a lower premium. This means that the insurance provider will cover less if you make a claim, but your monthly bills will be much lower. If you’re the kind of person who already drives very carefully and never needs to make insurance claims, this could be the more financially sound move for you.

If your car is older and not worth a lot, you could also opt to only carry liability insurance. This is insurance that covers the other car if you get into an accident but doesn’t cover your car’s damage. This is only ever recommended if you are a particularly safe driver and your car wouldn’t cost much to replace. However, this strategy could save you a lot of money!

Your Car’s Safety Features

If you were responsible and bought a car with many safety features, then you could be able to get a discount on your insurance. Features like lane departure warnings, automatic braking, and blind-spot monitoring are all standard on many new cars. There’s a chance your insurance provider will cut you a discount for features like these being active in your vehicle.

Call your insurance provider and see if they offer any discount for vehicle safety features.

Driving Classes

Have you taken any safe driving courses? If so, you could leverage that into a discount on your car insurance. Insurance providers can charge you lower premiums if they determine that you’re at less risk of an accident than the average driver. People who have completed driving safety courses as less likely to drive dangerously, which means it’s much less likely that they’ll need to make insurance claims.

Check with your insurance provider and see if you can get a discount for having attended a driving course. Depending on those requirements, you could even consider attending a refresher course to keep your insurance bills down.

DJ Swanson

D.J. Swanson never planned to be a writer. His first job was working in his family’s autobody shop, but after studying English and journalism in college, he decided not to join the family business.

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